Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Irish and Scottish, Indeed!

Just had a long and (mildly) exhausting conversation with someone seeking to do business with me, wanting to be a vendor at one of my festivals.
But he seemed pretty adamant about doing business his way, not mine. Over and over he challenged me, refusing to graciously hear/accept what I was saying. He tried arguing; at one point I thought he was attempting to bully his way in! ... then, when I backed him down, he tried excusing himself by saying, "Well, I've been accused of being 'tenacious.' In my defense, I'm Irish and Scottish."

Holy cats, brutha, you obviously have NO idea who you're talking to! The more tenacious you are, the more I dig in my heels. The more you push, the harder I push back. The more you argue, the less likely it is that you're going to win me as a friend.

He did end up apologizing. I guess he eventually figured it out. If I sound upset, rest assured, I'm not. Actually, I was choking back laughter a couple of times during our conversation. Irish and Scottish, indeed. Tell me more, won't you? 😃