Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Love black snakes. I know this is gonna sound weird and I don't care.

A few days ago, my neighbor found a coral snake (venomous) in their yard. Now, I know a coral snake doesn't post much of a threat to me, because I'm not going to try to handle one ... but what about the Henry-Dog?

Next morning, I was sitting outside with Henry, still stewing over keeping my pet safe. A movement caught the corner of my eye: a black snake! He had slithered into my herb garden and was pausing, head up, checking things out. Then he quietly slithered on, making another pass in front of me a few minutes later.

I instantly felt reassured.

Here's the weird part: it'd probably been a couple of years since I'd last seen a black snake in my yard. And I am not passing this off as mere coincidence. He was there to tell me everything would be all right.