Thursday, April 23, 2020

Dog on Fire (Apologies to Alicia Keys)

It's still cool enough for a nice fire.

Although ... we had a bit of excitement a while ago! An ember jumped out and landed on Henry's coat. He didn't see/feel it, but Sally did. She started yelling. Then she jumped up to brush the ember from his coat. By now you could smell the hair burning, but Henry wasn't feeling it. Sally was yelling and waving her hand and scaring him, so he kinda snapped at her and I called him and he came over to me at which time the ember fell off his coat and onto the hearth rug. Lots of commotion!

I started rubbing his coat where the ember had been and it sure was stinking badly of burnt hair. But otherwise he seemed physically OK ... just a bit confused about why Sally had come after him, yellin' and wavin' her hands.

I cleaned him up a little bit. You can kinda see where the hair got burned away but otherwise he's OK.

End of story: When it was all over Henry picked up Squeaky Chicken and took him to Sally, to tell her that he was sorry for snapping at her.

Room is still a little stinky, but otherwise all is normal.