Wednesday, January 17, 2024

My Dream Super Bowl

Apologies to anyone who's still got a team in the NFL playoffs picture, but I'm rooting for a Packers v Chiefs Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is less about football than show, anyway, right? This one could be the funnest one yet!

These two accomplished, beautiful women have lots of fans, for sure, but their haters spend even more time criticizing than their fans spend praising. (It's like their fans have a life, or something.)

I can only imagine the massive sound of heads exploding all at once. Would be messy, but it'd be fun.

(Apologies also to Jonathan Owens and Travis Kelce and to their respective teams: If they do make it to the Super Bowl, they'll have earned it. And I sincerely hope that their accomplishments won't be overshadowed by the mere presence of their famous SOs. It's ... happened so many times before ... 😐 )