Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving only a few hours away, we have plenty for which to be thankful this season!  Phone calls continue to come in: ticket orders for Christmas With The Celts concerts that are almost a month away.  The Toe River Arts Council, a North-Carolina-based organization of which we are members, just placed a big CD order: they sell our CDs in their two galleries, and several of the titles were completely sold out, or stock was perilously low.  Sales of digital downloads, through companies like iTunes and Rhapsody, are up almost 40%.  

And Divine Providence seems to have had a hand in a dicey situation we very recently faced.  Due to booking difficulties, one of the bands that was scheduled to perform at the Caloosahatchee Celtic Festival had to cancel their appearance.  With barely two months until the festival, finding a replacement "headliner" seemed a daunting task -- yet both Greg and I were strangely calm; we decided that we would enjoy our weekend at the Sarasota Medieval Fair, and begin worrying about Caloosahatchee on Monday.

Lo and behold, on Monday morning -- before we'd even had a chance to begin worrying -- we received a phone call from a promoter representing the Scottish band Albannach.  You see where this is going, don't you? ... the band had an open weekend in their schedule -- would we be able to book them? ... and a few phone calls and e-mails later, I'm pleased to announce that Albannach will be bringing their unique and exciting form of Celtic music to Southwest Florida!  

Check them out on YouTube -- you won't be able to sit still!

As I reflect on all that's happened over the last year or so, I find the timing of this mini-crisis and its swift solution to be very significant.  God's been very good to us, and this episode is a strong reminder that, as long as we are following the path that He's laid out for us, He's going to light the way.  The rollercoaster that is the current global economy is a scary ride, and our brief troubles in booking a festival pale in comparison to the troubles faced by persons who are losing their jobs or the very roofs over their heads, yet the lesson gives me a real peace about what may lay ahead.  I'm thankful for that peace ... thankful for the gift of music ... thankful for people who love music and who support musicians ... thankful for the legions of friends we've made over the years ... thankful for the talented people who are part of Marcille Wallis & Friends ... thankful for family and for friends who've become like family ...

God bless each and every one of you this Thanksgiving, and always.

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