Monday, September 6, 2010

Open Letter to the Person Who Tried My Patience Today

postmark: Woodstock-New Paltz (NY) Art & Crafts Fair

Dear Latecomer to today's Art Fair,

I smiled at you when you came through the gate, noting that you were arriving after they'd stopped charging admission.

I hope I managed to be somewhat cheerful as you peppered me with questions, even as you could plainly see that I was trying to pack up from the fair.

Sorry I wan't able to procure that mailing list you requested; it'd already been packed.  Hope the business card that I did manage to put my hands on will suffice; I'm so glad that I was able to find it, as it, too, had already been packed.

I don't look at patrons as dollar signs -- really I don't!  I'm compensated for my service as an entertainer, but I also make my living from selling product, just like all the other vendors at today's fair -- and just like practically everyone else in business.  So please forgive me for the blank stare and wan smile when you told me that you'd deliberately come late, and empty-handed, to the fair in order to avoid spending money.

You see, you'd just figuratively slapped me in the face.



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