Wednesday, August 31, 2016


When you've got a million things to do, but the one thing you want to focus on is the one thing that you, yourself, can't do ... what do you do? You go to a place you've never bothered to visit before.

There, on the lonely old Dade Battlefield, you hear the songs and calls of birds busily going about their day, and the insistent croaking and chirping of frogs, who know rain is a-comin'. Off in the distance, a train speeds along the prairie.

You've been listening to music on the car stereo, but today the one music that you find most calming is your own: the simple, sweet sound of hymns played on the dulcimer calms you and grounds you and focuses you.

And slowly, you begin to realize that what you most want to hear is the "live" version of the music. You want to add to the symphony of birds and frogs and distant train whistles.

And suddenly you realize that by giving in to quiet, for just that brief time, you are able to re-focus. You realize that of all the million things in your power to accomplish today, playing music was always the most important, and now it's the one thing you most desire to do.

What little time you may lose by stopping for a moment, you more than make up for by gaining focus.

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