Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just when you think you've seen everything ...

I've mentioned how much I enjoy the street festivals: getting to play dulcimer out in the fresh air, seeing old friends, making new friends, selling CDs, promoting our upcoming events ... people-watching is enjoyable, too, and, in many of the festivals we enjoy dog-watching. Dunedin, Florida, the site of last weekend's festival, is one of the best places to see dogs on parade! It's near a huge dog-racing track, so there are all sorts of rescued Greyhounds to admire; over the years I've also come to recognize the three Chihuahuas who are shuttled around in the baby carriage, the two Boxers, the huge black Great Dane; we saw dogs of all sizes and colors and breeds ... 

So who was the Pet of the Weekend? George, the goose. Yes, that's right. An exceptionally well-trained goose, who evidently thinks he's a person. He was quite a celebrity. He graciously allowed children and adults alike to pet him. He certainly wasn't intimidated by the dogs. He paused, briefly, to check out my CDs ... but his master, who was a few paces ahead, called out, "C'mon, George, you're falling behind!" And George waddled along, squawking under his breath, to catch up.

We're still chuckling.

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